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Tips for paying online using goHenry

At last. Now your son or daughter has a goHenry card, they don’t need to borrow yours to set up their iTunes account. As you and your child start to make the most of spending online with goHenry, there are a few things that you might come across. These are the things we get asked about most by our members:

What’s the £1.58 iTunes charge?

When your child sets up their iTunes account with their goHenry card, bear in mind that iTunes will put a charge through of £1.58 in order to validate the card as genuine. The £1.58 is not debited but it does block that amount from your child’s balance, and this block remains in place until it expires 10 days later.

Though the funds will not actually be taken from your child’s goHenry account, it will affect their available to spend balance and be taken into account on their limits. If your child does not have a lot of money in their account, it could well affect their ability to purchase the item they wish from the iTunes Store.

You will find across all the major download websites (Sony, Microsoft, Amazon etc.) that they will validate the card in this way, most just with a simple £1.00. These authorisations will automatically reverse after 10 days, but do contact us if you’re unsure.

A charge has come through from iTunes unexpectedly

iTunes allows you to pre-order music and movies ahead of their public release date, and this can sometimes be weeks in advance. If your son or daughter pre- orders one of these, the charge for this will not be taken from their goHenry account right away. Once the item is released, if there are sufficient funds, then iTunes will immediately complete the purchase. If your child no longer has the funds in their account at the time that the product is released, then iTunes will continue to try and take the funds on a weekly basis until such time as those funds are available.

Watch out for Amazon Prime

Accidentally signing up for Amazon Prime is very easily done and a number of our members have discovered the consequences for this a little too late. Amazon offer a free one month trial for their Amazon Prime service, this provides ‘free’ deliveries for the year along with their Amazon Instant Video streaming service and costs £79.00 per year.

If your child has inadvertently clicked the ‘try now’ button the subscription charge will be debited to your child’s goHenry account as soon as their free trial period ends. If you or your child do not wish to continue with the service you will just need to log in to your child’s Amazon account and cancel it there.

We hope these will help you as you get to grips with the wonderful world of online spending. If you do have questions or would like to talk to a member of the team, we’re here to help from 8am to 8pm everyday.