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As part of bringing you the best possible service, we’re partnered with some of the most experienced companies in the world. So we thought we’d introduce them to you.


Our goHenry prepaid card is licensed by Mastercard through our banking partner Community Federal Savings Bank. Acceptance matters so shop with confidence knowing that Mastercard is welcomed by merchants across the globe.

Our payment experts

FIS™ provides us with the technological systems we need to run our Mastercard program. The world’s largest supplier of banking and payment systems, FIS provides the technology for more than 14,000 institutions in over 100 countries, supporting over 64 million credit card accounts, 42 million loyalty accounts, 130 million prepaid cards and 77 million debit cards. Phew, that’s a lot of numbers!

Our bank

In the United States, gohenry cards are issued by Community Federal Savings Bank (“CFSB”), a federally chartered savings bank that is a member of FDIC and regulated by U.S. federal regulatory agencies.

Our card makers

Gemalto is in charge of manufacturing our Mastercard cards. Thanks to Gemalto, we’re able to produce a personalized gohenry Mastercard debit card for your child and get it to you quickly and efficiently.

As a world leader in digital security, Gemalto works to make sure that all of our members can make card transactions safely and easily.

Our watchdogs

Identity management and the protection of our customers’ personal information are – unsurprisingly – very important to us. W2 Global Data has been trading since 2011 as a trusted provider of SaaS, B2B software solutions and data services enabling organizations to achieve regulatory compliance in relation to KYC (Know Your Customer), combating fraud, AML (Anti Money Laundering) protection and frictionless customer on-boarding.