The goHenry App is available to download at either the Apple AppStore or GooglePlay

The family banking tool designed for young people

  • There's an online account for you, and a linked account for each of your children
  • All managed through beautiful mobile and web applications
  • Each child gets their own gohenry debit card with parental controls
  • Only the money on the card can be spent, there’s no danger of debt or overdraft

Step 1

Open an online account for you and your children within minutes

Step 2

Receive your cards in 10 working days

Step 3

Set your automatic allowance transfers and spending rules

Everything simple, everything in one place for all of your children

Once you've set your rules, everything's automatic. You pay into your parent account by debit card. The weekly allowance will transfer to your child's account and card automatically.

Here's what you can do

  • Set up regular allowance transfers and make one-off payments to your children
  • Set tasks so your children can earn a little more
  • Invite your relatives to contribute to your children's savings

Under your watchful eye

  • Set single and weekly spending limits
  • Decide where each card can be used: in store, online or at ATMs
  • Block and unblock cards instantly, without a phone call
  • View how and where they spend in real time

All the tools you need to help your children earn, save and spend responsibly

Your children learn about money by seeing how earning, saving and spending works for them — with a card and app they’ll love to use (though gohenry works perfectly for children who don’t have access to apps too).

Here's what your children can do

  • Earn by completing weekly and one-off tasks
  • Create savings goals and let gohenry automatically save towards them
  • See their weekly earning, saving and spending in graphical, easy-to-use educational formats
  • Always know how much they have to spend
  • Spend within your rules, anywhere Mastercard is accepted
  • Receive immediate and clear reasons for declined spending where your rules were broken

Everything you’d expect from Mastercard, and more

Convenient and flexible

  • Use everywhere Mastercard is accepted
  • Managed entirely by you and tailored to each child
  • Works at home and abroad


  • Controlled by the rules and limits that you set
  • PIN protected transactions available
  • State of the art chip security
  • Easily blocked and unblocked by you or your child, without a phone call
  • No debt, no overdraft, no expensive mistakes

Money confidence...

Takes minutes to setup,
lasts a lifetime

Still not sure?

Let us give you a call at a convenient time to answer any
questions you have.

Why our members love gohenry
"I find this a fabulous tool for creating a fair system for children and parents alike for giving out allowance and keeping an eye on it and helping them to understand money."
Jess, 4 children
Why our members love gohenry
"I have found this an excellent way to talk to my 10 year old daughter about money, and I feel she is much more knowledgeable than when we started."
Nadine, 2 children
Why our members love gohenry
"gohenry has given us so many new opportunities of new discussions on money….my children are more sensible now, they are taking a greater responsibility and role in their accounts."
Shahnaz, 2 children
Why our members love gohenry
"As adults, it is important to prioritise certain expenditure. I can see my children having much better financial literacy levels than myself partly as a result of involvement with goHenry."
Kate, 3 children
Why our members love gohenry
"Once again I think you guys at gohenry are offering a very innovative & friendly service for all the parents out there who like myself get bogged down with the everyday tasks of managing children and their retail aspirations."
Justin, 2 children
Why our members love gohenry
"gohenry is a great site. It is easy to navigate, simple to understand and very user friendly"
Jacinta, 3 children