The goHenry App is available to download at either the Apple AppStore or GooglePlay

Multiple Parent Access

Can two parents have access to the goHenry account?

There is no option to have multiple parent login details/dual control in goHenry.

Can two parents add tasks to the goHenry account?

There’s currently no way to enable two parents to add tasks within goHenry.

Checking Balance

How do I check my goHenry parent balance?

In order to check your parent balance within goHenry simply log in through the website or mobile app and on the home screen, you’ll see you parent balance at the top of the page.

In order to make managing goHenry as convenient as we can, you’ll also see the parent balance on the login screen if you have the mobile app downloaded.

How do I check my child’s goHenry balance?

To check your child’s balance, login to your parent account online or via the mobile app. On the home screen you’ll see your child’s balance listed below your parent balance.

The amount shown displays what your son or daughter has available to spend. It doesn’t include any savings they have in their Savings Goals.

To see a breakdown of all their savings and their account balance, click on their name to see their ‘Summary’ page.

How secure is the money in my goHenry account?

Community Federal Savings Bank (“CFSB”) is a federal savings bank chartered under the Federal laws of the United States and is a member of FDIC.

CFSB is regulated by the Office of the Controller of the Currency. In the United States, goHenry cards are issued by CFSB, member FDIC pursuant to license by Mastercard International.

How do I unsubscribe to goHenry emails?

Opting Out – Parents

If you want us to stop contacting you about goHenry offers and updates please login to your parent account and unsubscribe from your Profile and Settings page (which is found in the “Account” tab).

How is the money in goHenry accounts protected?

CFSB is a Bank and deposits are protected by FDIC insurance

Why is goHenry sending a newsletter to children?

In the UK, where we also operate goHenry, in our latest customer survey, one of the recurring suggestions was for us to start sending a newsletter to goHenry children.