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If your child needs to use their goHenry card at an ATM, this works much like any other payment card. When they insert their card, they’ll need to enter their card PIN number.

They can then withdraw cash. Please note that they are not able to view their balance at an ATM.

This is because a real- time balance isn’t available for Prepaid cards. Your child will only be able to withdraw money up to the amount you’ve set within your limits.

If you’ve not enabled the card to be used at an ATM and you try to withdraw cash, the transaction will be declined at the ATM. You can check all your limits and rules by going to the ‘Rules’ page in your goHenry account.

Please note there is also a $120.00 daily cash withdrawal limit on the goHenry card. To see all goHenry’s limits, take a look at the table here (link to the limits table).