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A number of online retailers (such as iTunes or Google Play) often test that a card is valid by making a small transaction first (usually around $0.99) – it’s referred to as a pre-authorisation and is sometimes done at the same time the order is placed or when setting up a new account (i.e. on account create at iTunes).

These transactions only block the funds, the block will expire after 10 days and the funds released to your child’s balance. Another reason a transaction may not be recognized is that a merchant might process transactions under a parent company.

As an example, Olive Garden transactions may appear as Darden which is their parent. Oftentimes you need to look further at the description of the purchase as you may recognize an address or a description of the merchant.

If there is another charge that you do not recognize, please contact via our Member Service team on (877) 372-6466 or via email help@gohenrycard.com and we’ll help you out.