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You can use goHenry cards to make contactless payments, as long as the retailer has enabled it. Sometimes they are referred to as “Tap and pay” payments.

The point of sale device in the store will show a contactless symbol on screen if they accept contactless payments. Please note that in the US, unlike other countries, there are no spending limits on a contactless transaction and you do not need to enter your PIN to finish the payment.

To ensure contactless purchases are safe, make sure you have set some reasonable spending limits in the app for your child. goHenry cards offer the most up to date and secure card technology in the market.

We have decided to allow contactless as it is a popular payment method. We want to ensure our members learn to make contactless purchases responsibly as it is part of the world they are growing into. We are also committed to making spending safe and that is why we offer parental controls through our app.