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At an ATM

How does my child use the card at a ATM?

If your child needs to use their goHenry card at an ATM, this works much like any other payment card. When they insert their card, they’ll need to enter their card PIN number.

Why can’t my child get their balance from a ATM?

The ATM network does not currently support the provision of a real-time balance for Prepaid cards. The balance available using this feature at an ATM would only be the previous night’s balance which could be out of date when your child is checking.

Why has my child’s card been declined at a ATM when trying to withdraw money?

There are a several reasons why your child’s card was declined at an ATM:

Will my child be charged to use their goHenry card at a ATM?

goHenry charges $1.50 for domestic ATM use and $2.00 for international ATMs. Please remember that parents can also set the rules for each child and turn off ATM usage if they chose.

This can be tailored to each child and turned on or off in real time. Please note, there may also be a charge on top of this fee by the ATM provider.

Using the Card in Stores

Can my child get cashback in store?

No, your child will not be able to get cash in stores at the point of sale. As long as ATMs are turned on for your child the best way to get cash is from an ATM.

Can my child get cashback at a teller in a bank?

No, your child will not be able to get cash by visiting a teller at a bank branch. As long as ATMs are turned on for your child the best way to get cash is from an ATM.

Why was more money taken from my goHenry card than I spent?

There are a few instances when you may see a pending transaction amount that is higher than the amount you spent.

Making Online Payments

Does the goHenry card work with PayPal?

You can use the goHenry card to make purchases through Paypal, however you will not be able to use the card to create a Paypal account, as you need to be 18 or over for this.

How does my child make payments online?

In order to use their goHenry card to buy something online, firstly you need to ensure that you’ve enabled online spending for your child. You can check this on the ‘Rules’ page within your goHenry account.

Why has my child been charged $1.00 by iTunes?

iTunes often tests that a card is valid by making a small transaction first. This is sometimes done when an online order is placed or when setting up a new account.

My Child's goHenry Statement

How do I see my child’s goHenry statement?

In order to see all the transactions your child has made on their card, as well as allowance and task payments to them you need to go to their statement.

There is a transaction I don’t recognize on my child’s goHenry statement

A number of online retailers (such as iTunes or Google Play) often test that a card is valid by making a small transaction first (usually around $0.99) – it’s referred to as a pre-authorisation and is sometimes done at the same time the order is placed or when setting up a new account (i.e. on account create at iTunes).

Is there a limit to how much my child can spend on their card?

Parents can set the limits in the app to decide how much their children can spend per transaction and per week. On top of this there are goHenry account limits which add a further layer of safe spending for our cardholders.

Contactless Payments

Are goHenry cards contactless/tap & pay cards?

You can use goHenry cards to make contactless payments, as long as the retailer has enabled it. Sometimes they are referred to as “Tap and pay” payments.

Can I use my goHenry card with Apple Pay?

No, not yet. Currently, your goHenry card won’t work with any of the popular wallets on the market but we are looking to introduce this in 2018.

The Giving Feature

What is the Giving Feature?

We now allow children to donate to charity within a safe environment, all with parental oversight. To do this, we’ve partnered with one of the best known and well-respected children’s charity in the US – Boys & Girls Clubs of American (BGCA). Since the beginning of gohenry we have focused on three financial pillars, which represent a different lesson for our cardholders – Earning, Saving and Spending. Giving offers a fourth learning pillar to our service. If you’d like to learn more about what BGCA do, please visit their website here:

Why was Boys & Girls Clubs of America our chosen charity?

As a company on a mission to help children be good with money, it was really important for us that the charity we partnered with work to help children too. Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) is a charity that works to ensure that all children have a great future. For more information about what BGCA do, please visit their website:

How much money should I give to Boys & Girls Clubs of America through the Giving feature?

This is obviously totally up to you to decide. Experts such as Jean Folger (of Investopedia fame) suggest children donate about 10% of their allowance. So for instance, if they get $3 per week then $0.30 per week would be very generous.

Does gohenry have access to my donation?

In short, no gohenry doesn’t have access to the donations you give through the app. Your funds are held by our Issuing Bank, Community Federal Saving Bank, member FDIC, in a secure client account specifically for the purpose of processing transactions made via your gohenry card. The funds donated through Giving are treated in the same way.

When I set up a regular donation, does all of my money go straight to Boys & Girls Clubs of America?

Yes. When you or your child make the donation via gohenry, we will donate all the money pledged to the charity.

Will donations show on the parent/guardian and child statement?

Yes, both parent and child donations will show up on your Parent Account and Child Card Account statements, which means you’ll always know exactly how much you’ve donated and when.

How often and when will my Giving donation be taken from my gohenry card?

The amount you decide to give will be taken every week on the same day that your allowance is paid. If you’re not sure which day that is, go into your gohenry card account and click the ‘Earning’ tab. You’ll see your allowance day at the top of the screen.

Will the amount my child has donated be included as part of their weekly spending limits?

Yes, if your child donates to charity it will be included in the amount spent for the week. This means that donations made through the Giving feature will count towards the weekly spend limit.

For example if your child’s weekly spending limit is $10, and $1 is spent on a chocolate bar plus a $0.50 donation, they will have $8.50 left of their weekly spend limit.

How are Giving payments and Savings Goal transfers prioritized?

If your child has any savings goals set up, the automatic transfer will be paid into those ‘savings goals’ first. Once that is done, the Giving payment will be taken from your child’s gohenry card account. This means, if your child has insufficient funds to contribute to both, then their Savings Goal transfer will be made and their Giving donation will not be made for that week and will resume when money is available (for example, the following week).

What happens if there are insufficient funds in my child’s account to pay the weekly donation amount they set?

If your child doesn’t have enough money in their account, the donation is simply skipped for that week. Don’t worry, when your child’s gohenry card account has enough money again, the donations will resume on the allowance payment day.

What is Boys & Girls Clubs of America and how can I find out more about them?

Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s (BGCA) is a charitable organization with a mission to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. You can read more about them on our website here, or on their own website here:

How to disable the Giving feature

Giving can be disabled for one or all of your children by opening the mobile app, going to ‘settings’ in the menu, tapping the appropriate child tab at the top of the screen, then un-ticking the box marked ‘Enable Giving’ in the preferences section. If you’d like to enable ‘Giving’, you can do so by following the same steps and ticking the box marked ‘Enable Giving’. We understand that not everybody will want to donate to BGCA through gohenry so we made it really easy to disable ‘Giving’ if this is the case.