Order your custom cards before December 11th for guaranteed Christmas delivery!

If the goHenry card is definitely lost, please call our Member Services Team on (877) 372-6466 and they will be happy to arrange a replacement card.

The replacement fee for a lost card is $3.99. If you think the card may only be misplaced, you can temporarily block it using the mobile app or by logging in to your account online.

In the mobile app, log in and click into the child account, click ‘Rules’ and you will see a button to block the card, slide the button.

In the web app, log on to your goHenry parent account, click into your child’s account and click into ‘Rules’, you will see that there is a button to block the card.

Slide the button and a box appears, you will be asked if you are sure you wish to block the card. Click the ‘Block’ button to and this will block the card immediately.

Once you locate the card you can reverse this process. Your child is also able to block their card in the same way if they need to but only parents can unblock cards.

The block and unblock feature works in real time, meaning the moment you block the card it stops working and when you unblock it you can immediately make purchases. It’s a handy feature 🙂