The goHenry App is available to download at either the Apple AppStore or GooglePlay

How do I transfer funds to my child’s account?

There are various ways that funds can be moved from your goHenry parent account to your child account. The main movement of funds will be via your weekly payment of their allowance and/or your payment for tasks completed.

I have tried to transfer money to my child, but it has been prevented due to Code 106?

This message occurs when the incorrect PIN number has been used with the card more than 3 times per transaction.

If you call our Member Services team on (877) 372-6466, we will be able to fix that and unblock the card straight away.

How do I transfer funds from my child’s account to my parent account?

If you need to move money from your child’s goHenry account back to your parent account, please login to your parent account via either the goHenry app or the website and click on the ‘quick transfer’ button, select your child’s name in the ‘From” field and your name in the “To” field, enter the amount and click ‘transfer now’.

The payment will appear in your account immediately. Please note that we have a transaction limit of $500 for a ‘Quick Transfer’.

I have funds on my goHenry account, but my allowance & or tasks payments have not been paid?

The funds are transferred just after midnight on allowance day so if the tasks are ticked after midnight the funds will not be paid until the following allowance day.

I did not have sufficient funds on my account to pay the weekly allowances & task payments – what happens now?

The system will ‘look’ for the funds in your account pay the weekly allowances & task payments – what happens now? for the next 3 days.

What can I do if my child has run out of money?

If your child runs out of money or needs a little extra when they are out, you can login to your parent account to make a quick transfer: Login through the mobile app or website and click ‘quick transfer’ on the homepage.

What can I do if my child has run out of money and I do not have the goHenry app and am not near a computer?

If you have either a iPhone or an Android and have not yet downloaded the app, it is free and only takes a couple of seconds. Once you have the app downloaded you will be able to move funds immediately via the ‘quick transfer’ button.

If you do not have the app and it is an emergency and during our normal working hours of 9am – 5pm EST, please call our Member Services on (877) 372-6466.

A member of the team will need to ask you a couple of questions for security purposes but they can then make this transfer for you.

We can also re-set limits and allow ATM withdrawals if they have not previously been allowed. Please remember to log back in to your goHenry account as soon as you can to re-set any changes you have asked us to make to the child’s spending rules or limits.

My child has received checks for their birthday. Can we pay these into their GoHenry account? If so, how do we do this?

goHenry is a digital service and funds can only be added electronically to your goHenry account by debit card.

Your children's allowance

What is the recommended amount of allowance?

We believe that there are no ‘hard and fast’ rules when it comes to giving your children allowance; each family should do what makes sense for their own household.

Some people suggest giving $0.50 or $1 for each age of the child.

How do I change the amount of my child’s weekly allowance?

Login to your parent account online or through the mobile app, go to the ‘Earning’ page and under the ‘weekly allowance’ section click the ‘pencil’ icon to edit the weekly allowance for your children.

How do I change the day upon which our allowance is paid?

If you are using the website, first log in to your goHenry parent account.

Click on the ‘weekly allowance’ link for the relevant child and the edit feature will appear.

Once you have selected the day you’d like to use for allowance, click on the ‘save’ button. You will see the new details appear as saved.

How do I cancel my child’s weekly allowance?

Cancellation of your child’s allowance couldn’t be simpler. When you’re signing up, just set the weekly allowance amount to $0.00.

This will cancel the regular payment. If you’ve already created your account, login to your parent account, go to the “earning” page and under the ‘weekly allowance’ section click the ‘pencil’ icon and set the allowance to $0.00

Can I make monthly allowance payments rather than weekly?

If you’d like to pay your child a monthly allowance, rather than weekly, you can do this by doing a ‘quick transfer’ from the home tab of the website or mobile app each month with an amount of your choice.

Setting tasks or chores

How do I set up a task for my child?

You can set tasks for your children by logging into the website or the mobile app and going to the “Earn” tab.

What is a ‘one off’ task’?

goHenry allows you to set up both regular tasks (things you might want your child to do every day or week) and one off tasks (something you ask them to do just once).

How can I set up daily tasks?

We don’t currently have the option for daily tasks. However, it is something that we’re looking into adding as lots of parents have asked for this feature. In the meantime, the best way to do this is to set up weekly tasks for each day of the week.

How do I duplicate a task that I have already made?

Currently it isn’t possible to duplicate tasks you’ve created within goHenry. However, you can set tasks to repeat on a weekly basis.

To do this, go to the ‘Earning’ or ‘Tasks’ tab within your parent account and click ‘add new task’.

Name the task and choose an amount, then ensure ‘weekly’ is highlighted before you click ‘add task’.

How do I set repeat tasks?

To set tasks that repeat weekly, go to the ‘Earning’ or ‘Tasks’ tab within your parent account and click ‘add new task’. Name the task and choose an amount, then ensure ‘weekly’ is highlighted before you click ‘add task’.

How do I mark tasks as being completed by my child?

Either you or your child can mark tasks as completed by logging in and going to the ‘Earning’ or ‘Tasks’ page. Here you’ll see the task listed with a tick box to the left of it.

Click this and the task will be marked as completed. The amount owed for completed tasks will be paid with your next allowance payment (or payment day if you do not pay a weekly allowance

How do I enable/disable my children to tick their tasks as completed?

If you’d like to enable or disable your child from marking their own tasks as complete, login to your account and in the mobile app click ‘manage’.

Click ‘Family profiles’ and scroll to the bottom of your own profile settings. Click the tick box next to ‘Only parents can mark tasks as complete’ and only you will be able to mark tasks as complete.

Allowing children to mark tasks as complete is disabled by default. If you wish to give your children the ability to do this then un-tick this box and they’ll be able to mark tasks as completed.