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What Parental Controls does goHenry have?

Using goHenry you have a lot of control over where your son or daughter can use their card, to help give them independence and give you peace of mind.

How do I control where my child can use their card?

You can control where your child can use their card from your goHenry parent account on either the goHenry app or the website. Visit the “Limits” page to edit and save any new limits and spending channels.

What happens if your systems go down?

In the unlikely event that our Card Processor’s systems become unavailable, your cards will not work.

Why am I being told my transaction is “not allowed”?

If you’ve received an alert to say that a transaction has not been allowed, this is because goHenry blocks transactions from retailers who are classified as selling goods or services intended for adults only (i.e. items for people over the age of 18).

What if a genuine transaction has been blocked?

Because we rely on retailers classifying themselves correctly, it is possible that a perfectly innocent transaction will be blocked.

What kind of transactions do you block?

We actively block transactions from retailers who classify themselves as:

Spending Limits

How do I control how much my child can spend on their card?

You have the option to set a number of spending limits for your child’s goHenry card.