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Whereas most traditional banks will only provide your child with a debit card from the age of 13, goHenry has been designed from the ground up specifically for children aged 6-18 and their parents.

goHenry was set up by a group of parents and friends who wanted to help children learn the value of money.

Conventional banks didn’t offer anything like this so we created it ourselves.

goHenry cards come with Parental Controls which allow parents to set spending limits and choose where the card can be used, e.g online, in stores and at ATMs. As well as making one-off payments and setting automatic weekly allowances, parents can also set tasks and chores to help their children earn money.

Children and teens can set saving targets and budgeting tools offer a simple way for young people to manage their money. When using the goHenry mobile app, parents and children receive real time notifications, so you can see where and how much has been spent. You are also able to customize your goHenry card, to make learning about money that much more fun.