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Since we started out with goHenry a number of online spending solutions have emerged.

To help you understand what makes goHenry different, we’ve outlined the main differences below: goHenry provides the option to customize your card; and push notifications tell you where the card has been used and how much was spent. You can also set tasks which will be paid for automatically any day of the week you choose.

Both parents and children can login to their own view of the app and the limits and rules you can set on your account offer peace of mind; choose where the card can be used and how much can be spent.

You can choose a weekly spend limit, single spend limit and decide how much can be withdrawn from an ATM. You and your children can set savings goals. Decide how much you want to save and when you want to save it for and goHenry will work out how much allowance you need to save each week and automatically move this to your savings goal.

goHenry has been designed to make it flexible and easy for you to manage allowance with your children.