The goHenry App is available to download at either the Apple AppStore or GooglePlay

The Basics

What is goHenry?

goHenry is a debit card and app with unique parental controls, for young people aged 6 to 18.


How does it work?

goHenry is a bank account re-imagined for young people.

There is an online account for you, the parent and a linked account for each of your children, all managed through either the goHenry website or our mobile app.

Your child’s account will help them understand earning, saving and spending, and in the process help them learn great money habits. Each child receives their own goHenry card. Your children can only spend the money available on their card and there is no danger of debt or overdraft.

For parents we offer a really simple and easy way to manage your children’s allowance online – whether you want to set a weekly allowance, make a quick transfer to your child or set tasks for them to earn their money, goHenry has you covered. (more…)

How old does my child have to be to have a goHenry card?

goHenry accounts can only be set up for children and teens between the ages of 6 and 18. We’re strictly regulated by our partners to ensure that this is the case.


Where was goHenry founded?

goHenry was founded in the UK (London, England) in 2012 with a vision to empower young people to learn good money habits and to provide them with a safe spending solution to use in an increasingly cashless society.


Setting up goHenry

Is there a credit check when I am creating an account?

There is no credit check when you are setting up your goHenry account. We do not do anything that will show your credit score or have an effect on your score, we simply do identity checks to ensure we comply with the US Patriot Act.

What do I get with my free trial?

With your free trial, you get full goHenry Membership free for 1 month. We see the free trial as a great way for families to see if goHenry is right for them.


Can my card be delivered to a different address?

Unfortunately not, we can only deliver your goHenry card to the address registered on the account.

Why do I need a debit card registered to the goHenry account?

We need a debit card registered to your goHenry account as this is the only way of loading funds to your parent account. Also, should there be no funds in the parent account, we auto debit the membership fees due from your debit card. All debit card loads are free including auto debits.

We are exploring offering customers the ability to make ACH transfers in the future.

How do you set up goHenry?

Go to the goHenry website and click the button to sign up. It takes just minutes to open your online account and there's no credit card required.


Do me and my children need a smartphone to use goHenry?

You don't need a smartphone to use goHenry as you or your children can access your goHenry account online using your PC, Mac or Tablet – just go to and login.

We offer both online accounts and a mobile app so both you and your children have access to goHenry in a way that best suits your family.

Is there a goHenry App?

The goHenry mobile app is available on iPhone, iPad, Pod touch and Android devices, as well as Kindle Fire. It can be downloaded from the Apple Store, Amazon app store and Google Play.


Is the goHenry App compatible with my phone or tablet?

The goHenry app is compatible with Android, Apple and Kindle Fire devices. To download the goHenry app, you or your child need a mobile phone or tablet that has Android 2.3.3 or above or iOS 6.0 or above. The app can be downloaded by heading to Google Play, the Apple App Store or the Amazon App store. You’ll also need at least 16MB of space on your device to download the goHenry app.

What identification and information will I need to open a goHenry account?

To open up a goHenry account, we are required to use an online identity check to ensure that we know our customers and can meet the necessary regulatory obligations.


How do I add a child to my goHenry account while I am signing up?

Click ‘sign up’ and you’ll be asked to enter a few details such as your own name and email address. On the second step, you need to enter your child’s name in order to create a sub-account for them.

If you’d like to add multiple children during sign up, simply click the ‘add another child’ button.

You can create a sub-account for up to 4 children, simply click the ‘add another child’ button as many times as you need.

Once you’ve filled in all your children’s details click ‘continue to next step’.

How do I add a child to my goHenry account when I already have an account?

You will need to add a child by logging into your account online or through the mobile app.

Just log in to your parent account and look to the menu on the left hand side of the screen, you will see an ‘add a child’ link.

Click on this link and follow the instructions.

After adding your child your goHenry card will be with you within just 7 days.

How long before the goHenry cards arrive?

Your children’s goHenry cards should arrive within 7 days of signing up online.

If you do not receive the cards within 7 working days then they may be lost in the mail or delayed for some reason.

If this is the case, please contact our Member Services team on Live Chat or email at or call on (877) 372-6466 and they’ll be more than happy to help you.

Who needs to sign the back of the goHenry card?

As the parent you’re the official account holder for your goHenry account. However, your child is the cardholder and therefore it should be your child’s signature on the back of their goHenry card.

Up to how many children/cards can you have on goHenry?

A parent is able to set up goHenry for up to four of their children. Each one of these children will be issued with their own goHenry card and goHenry child account.

If you have more than four children within your family, another parent or legal guardian is able to set up additional goHenry accounts in their name.

What do I get for referring friends or family?

If you refer a friend to goHenry, you will receive $10 to your goHenry account and your friend will get $10 ‘free allowance’.

You can refer a friend by either text, email, Facebook or Twitter; just go into the goHenry app and click “refer a friend” at the bottom of the screen.

You can then choose how you would like to refer them.

I have a promotional code to use – where do I enter this?

If you have a promotional code for goHenry, go to our website and click ‘Sign up’.

On the first screen of sign up, there is a box which will either automatically populate with your promotion code or you can enter it yourself.

The description below this box will confirm what the promotion is that will be added to your account.

Refer a Friend

How do I refer a friend?

You can refer a friend by logging into your goHenry mobile app and tapping on ‘invite a friend and earn $10’ pop-up on the homepage.

You will then be presented with a popup and you can choose how you want to share your unique link with your friends: either by text, email, Facebook or Twitter.

I signed up using a ‘refer a friend’ link but the amount has not been credited to my account, how long does this usually take?

When you refer a friend, they get a free custom card and you receive $10. The $10 will be automatically applied to your account once the person referred has activated their card.

If they have already activated their card and the money still hasn’t appeared, call our Member Service team on (877) 372-6466.

The goHenry Fee

How much is the goHenry membership fee?

There is a monthly membership fee of $3.99 per child.

Unlike other Prepaid cards, there is no charge for signing up. Once you complete sign up we’ll send out your cards to you. Please note, we only take payment information from you when you activate your parent account and children’s cards.

Why the fee for a goHenry account?

goHenry was started by parents for parents and their children and we simply need to charge a small fee to keep the service running.


How is the monthly membership charge paid?

We deduct your membership fee from your goHenry parent account each month.

It’s paid by you and not by your child. If you don’t have the money available in your account when we attempt to take your membership fee, we automatically debit this fee from the debit card that you have attached to your goHenry parent account.

How's goHenry different?

What is the difference between using a traditional bank account for my child and using goHenry?

Whereas most traditional banks will only provide your child with a debit card from the age of 13, goHenry has been designed from the ground up specifically for children aged 6-18 and their parents.


What is the difference between goHenry and other spending solutions aimed at children and teenagers?

Since we started out with goHenry a number of online spending solutions have emerged.