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Introducing Custom Cards

What are custom cards?

Custom cards mean you can make your child’s card as unique as they are.

How do I order a custom card?

If you are just signing up, you will be given the option to choose a custom card during the sign up process.

Does my child pick a custom card or do I?

During sign up you can choose a custom card for your child. However, if your child wants a different card you have until 5pm EST the following day to change the card design before we print it and send it to you in the mail.

Can I edit my card after I’ve ordered it?

Once you’ve ordered your custom card, you will have until 5pm EST the following day to make any changes. After that, the card will be printed and sent out in the mail to you.

Custom Card Costs

How much do custom cards cost?

All custom cards cost just $4.99.

Who pays for custom cards?

The money for purchasing a custom card comes from whoever orders it. So if it’s the parent who makes the order it comes from the funds in the parent account. If the child makes the purchase the funds come from their card account.

Why we charge for Custom Cards?

We offer families the choice between a free card and a custom card when they sign up.

Changing Your Custom Card

How often can I change my card?

You can change the card as often as you like, Please note, each time you order a new custom card you’ll be charged $4.99.

The time available to edit my card has passed but I’d like to change my card design?

Unfortunately you won’t be able to do this, although depending on how much time has passed if you call Member Services on (877) 372-6466, they may be able to help with this.

Can I upload a photo?

No unfortunately you are not able to upload a photo to the custom card at the moment, but we have lots of pre designed cards for you to add your name to and choose.

Custom Cards for Existing Customers

I’m an existing customer. Will my PIN and card number change?

Your card number will change but your PIN will not change.