The goHenry App is available to download at either the Apple AppStore or GooglePlay

Using goHenry Abroad

Can you use goHenry in other countries?

It is only possible to set up a goHenry account if you live in the US. However, goHenry cards can be used in other countries where Mastercard is accepted, but please note there will be small charges for transactions in foreign currencies (2.75% of your purchase).

goHenry for Non-US Residents

I live outside the US. Can I set up goHenry for my child?

No, the goHenry card can be used outside of the US when travelling, you are required to have a US address in order to set up a goHenry card for your child.

Right now goHenry is only operating in the US and UK and over the coming years we’re hoping to launch more countries. If you are a UK resident please visit to join.