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How do I activate my gohenry card?

Once you have received your child's card in the mail just follow the simple steps below to activate and start using gohenry

1. Login to your parent account

Activate your cards by logging into your parent account. You can activate your children's cards online or via the gohenry app

2. Select the child's card you'd like to activate

Click on the tab above your child's name. You'll need your debit card with you so that you can add some money to your child’s card.

3. Set the rules, where and how much can be spent

Follow the steps and set the rules for where and how you'd like the card to be used, online, in-store or at a ATM.

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Why our members love gohenry
"I find this a fabulous tool for creating a fair system for children and parents alike for giving out allowance and keeping an eye on it and helping them to understand money."
Jess, 4 children
Why our members love gohenry
"I have found this an excellent way to talk to my 10 year old daughter about money, and I feel she is much more knowledgeable than when we started."
Nadine, 2 children
Why our members love gohenry
"gohenry has given us so many new opportunities of new discussions on money….my children are more sensible now, they are taking a greater responsibility and role in their accounts."
Shahnaz, 2 children
Why our members love gohenry
"As adults, it is important to prioritise certain expenditure. I can see my children having much better financial literacy levels than myself partly as a result of involvement with goHenry."
Kate, 3 children
Why our members love gohenry
"Once again I think you guys at gohenry are offering a very innovative & friendly service for all the parents out there who like myself get bogged down with the everyday tasks of managing children and their retail aspirations."
Justin, 2 children
Why our members love gohenry
"gohenry is a great site. It is easy to navigate, simple to understand and very user friendly"
Jacinta, 3 children